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Videos for Peace

So Long Privacy, Hello Transparency

"Because we are at war..."

Stop Islamophobia in Canada

Evolving Towards Peace

Extinct, Enslaved, or Empowered

Highballing the 1%

Make Cops Wear Cameras

Flipping the Script

An Uprising is Imminent

The Most Powerful Group on Earth?

Unite Earth's 99% to Find World Peace

No War with Iran!

Long Distance Murder

World Peace Within 20 Years!

The War on Terror - Why it can never be won


Kick-Ass Korten

A Great Awakening

How the .01% rule us, and what can be done

Don't Worry, It's Still New!

The Power of Hope

World in Turmoil

Why So Negative?

A Great Awakening

Trolls Are Sad Inside

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